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Welcome to Ugly Baby Soap!

Hi, I’m Melanie Hamilton - soap maker and co-owner of the Ugly Baby Soap Company.

I started making soap for my family 20 years ago when my husband began to develop allergies to commercial soap products. I’ve personally been sensitive to chemically-fragranced products my entire life, so making our soaps also provided me with the opportunity to create beautifully scented, but natural products, for my own use.

My soaps are made of beeswax and plant-based ingredients and are frangranced with essential oils. I’ve found that these more gentle, organic ingredients calmed my husband’s skin allergies and were equally soothing to the skin of friends undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

I love the soap making process almost as much as I love the products themselves - all the soap is produced and cures at my home, leaving it smelling like a fresh cut, citrus-y bouquet. Now that I’ve found a way to create sustainable, scented, and calming soap products, I’m happy to be able to share them with you!

Before we launch online sales, The Ugly Baby Soap Co. will be hosting a trunk sale at a friend’s shop called Hour Glass in Melrose,MA on April 23rd from 11:00-3:00pm. It’s always great to know that friends are supportive of your endeavors, don’t you think?

After the trunk show I’ll be taking some time to visit my family in upstate New York… and when I say upstate, I mean really upstate! I feel the grass-roots culture of upstate New York culture has had a definite influence on this business and I like getting back in-touch with my beginnings.

My brother will be retrieving me from the bus depot before I visit my mom. We like spending time together at local small diners and frequenting my brother’s Bar. In the day, we’ll tour a nature conservancy where there are plenty of wildflowers and endangered buffalo grasses - perhaps I’ll find inspiration for a new soap fragrance!

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you and welcome you into my world!

XO - Melanie Hamilton, The Soap Mama

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