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  • What is Ugly Baby Soap?
    Ugly Baby Soap is a line of all-natural skin care products, as well as a limited supply of handmade items. We do not add artificial ingredients of any kind. All of our ingredients are plant based except for our beeswax that we source from beekeepers in upstate New York and our wool that we source from Peru. Our formulas are simple, and made with the best ingredients we can find. They are free of harsh chemical additives. Our products are gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Is Ugly Baby Soaps only for young infants?
    No, Ugly Baby Soap can be used by people of all ages. Many new moms have enjoyed our Gentle Beeswax soap for bathing their infants because it is fragrance free. It is our simplest recipe and and is the most gentle on your skin.
  • Is Ugly Baby Soap Tear Free?
    No. There is no such thing as tear free soap because soap is an irritant to your eyes. Products that are advertised as tear free have removed the soap and replaced it with a detergent which is a synthetic product. We do not use any synthetics in any products, so none of our soap is tear free.
  • How do the soaps smell so sweet if they are perfume free?
    Most soaps contain synthetic ingredients, such as fragrance oils that cause skin irritations. Instead we use only plant based essential oils for fragrance. They are highly concentrated oils extracted from fruits and other plants. It is these oils that create the delightful aromas that come from our soaps.
  • Do you use any animal products in your soaps?
    Our Gentle Beeswax Sensitive Skin Soap, our Natural Lip Balms, and our Skin Creams contain beeswax, which of course come from bees. Our Felted Soap uses wool roving (wool that hasn't been spun) and our Beeswax Soap. The rest of our products use only plant based ingredients, making them 100% Vegan.
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