Ugly Baby Soap

where "All Natural"Means something!


We use  the highest quality ingredients we can find, and never use synthetics. We choose USDA certified organic when possible, and have partnered with a certified organic facility to manufacture some of our products to USDA standards


We create plant based products using only essential oils for fragrance, a natural plant derivative. We do use Beeswax in some products, and we felt with wool. Neither of these items harms the animals involved. Otherwise, we are 100% Vegan

Eco Friendly

We reduce environmental impact by avoiding plastics and using biodegradable packaging and recycle-able materials. Our skin creams are in glass jars that don't leach chemicals into the environment, and we're transitioning our lip balm to glass and tin containers.


Almost half the country sought treatment for sensitive skin. We'd like all of them to have access to our products. Our pricing reflects a reasonable profit that allows us to develop high quality skin care products for people with sensitive skin. 

Customer Testimonials

Petroleum is an all natural product, but I still wouldn't want to take a bath in it. All natural has to mean something.

Steve from Boston, MA

Bought this at farmers market in Melrose for my psoriasis. It is amazing. Calmed the skin and stopped the itching and removed the scales. Love it.

Marcia from Saugus, MA

I really love Ugly Baby Soap's Peppermint Lip Balm. It is the only lip balm that moisturizes my lips, has a pleasant taste, and is all natural which is really important to me. The lip balms are also really affordable and I always buy 3 at a time! Highly recommend their products.

Julie from Melrose, MA

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